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Cosmetic Dentistry
When you're serious about your smile, get professional teeth whitening power. Get the result you want the first time.

Cosmetic dentistry is a fast growing and exciting field of dentistry. As more and more patients realize the value of an aesthetically pleasing smile, they are taking greater care in achieving the best results only delivered by Cosmetic dentistry. At Yonge & 7 Dental provide cosmetic dentistry in line with your long term oral health plan.

Our services include:

Teeth Whitening

Only available through your dentist, NiteWhite ACP Professional Whitening Gel is more effective than over the counter whitening strips. Its advanced formula is the ultimate way to whiten your smile and get the results you want.

The active ingredients work overnight, not only whitening every tooth, but also rebuilding enamel for a stronger, healthier smile that stays whiter longer.

So when you are serious about looking better, and feeling more confident, trust the professional-strength of NiteWhite ACP. Because only your dentist can get your teeth their whitest.

Get the result you want first time.

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Go metal-free. Ask about PROCERA ceramic crown, bridge & implant restoration.  The choice of new generation of patients.

Your NobelEsthetics Dentist utilizes the Procera process for tooth restoration, a technologically advanced Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) methodology that produces crown, bridges, laminates and implant abutments, which are individually customized for each patient's teeth. The process ensures a beautiful, full-functioning result.  Pioneered by Nobel Biocare, Procera represents the leading, all-ceramic CAD/CAM dental solution...

  • Ten years of clinical use and over 20 years of research
  • Over 5 million units fabricated
  • Strongest, all-ceramic solution available
  • Adopted by leading dentists throughout the world
No metal Inside or Over

Conventional crowns and bridges can show a grayish coloration, and in some cases a dark line at the base of the tooth. Procera is beautiful from top to bottom

Natural Luminescence

Crowns with a metal substructure can block light and look unnatural. Procera lets the light through for a natural, more beautiful appearance.

Durable & Lasting

The extra strength of a Procera Zirconia crown is useful in the back of the mouth where biting forces are greatest. With optimum light transmittance, Procera Alumnia is ideal for anterior restoration. Both materials are strong, and result in long-lasting beauty that metal crowns can't match.

Whether you have a single tooth, several teeth or very one of them missing, consider the following implant options.

Single tooth:

A one-piece implant is used. The process can be completed in one surgical session, with a single unit making for a last and efficient solution.

Several teeth:

When replacing multiple teeth, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is a fixed alternative

All teeth:

A fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is a permanent solution, allowing you to eat and function as you would with natural teeth.

Procera All-Ceramic Crown:

The all-ceramic crown has many advantages over traditional "porcelain fused to metal" crown. Besides its high aesthetic qualities, the function and longevity of this crown is excellent as well as giving a superior esthetic result, compared to traditional crowns.

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