We offer the services for the entire family. Knowing your family history in dental care is essential in monitoring your child’s oral health

Invisalign is worn all the time except for a few exceptions such as eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing.

No, Invisalign is a smooth mold that fits perfectly with your teeth so you won’t have to worry about cuts and scratches.

Other than the benefit of no more scratches or cuts, Invisalign is invisible so no one will be able to see it, also it is very confortable and if at any point you do feel uncomfortable you can take it out which is something you cannot do with braces. 

Oral Appliances are much like a mouth guard that is inserted into the mouth prior to going to sleep.

Oral appliances are used to prevent snoring and sleep apnea disturbances during the night.

The oral appliance rests in the mouth and prevents the throat from connecting with the back of the tongue which essentially keeps the airway to the lungs open throughout the night, thus preventing noises made by snoring and sleep apnea.

Yes. We will be happy to help you with your snoring problem. More information about our services for snoring can be found here.

Depending on the level of decay that will be determined by your dentist after a careful examination, you will either have to go through a root canal treatment or, if the decay is irreversible, an extraction.